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Soccer Training

Our Teams train within the methodology established by DOC Brent Goulet.  His philosophy of play is designed to create technically advanced individual players who are proficient in playing possession based soccer.

All SPS teams will train for 90-minutes a day twice a week in the Fall and Spring.  During the winter they will train for 90-minutes once a week.

Training Locations

E.S. Rose Park & Sports complex
1000 Edgehill Ave
Nashville, TN 37203

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Hustle Factory

5191 Joe Peay Rd

Spring Hill, TN 37174

Poplar Grove Middle School

       2959  Del Rio Pike

       Franklin, TN 37069

Osburn Park Soccer Complex

2904 Old Horton Highway

Nolensville, TN 37135

Metro Soccer Complex

   1266 Donelson Pike

   Nashville, TN 37217

Camps & Clinics + Professional School Year Soccer Training

The Soccer School summer camps have concluded for 2021, but keep an eye on our website for upcoming clinics or contact us for more information on our programs:


School Curriculum: We offer a 90-minute, elite soccer skills training school throughout the Williamson County School calendar year every Monday - Thursday morning. We can help you work with your WCS school to use this as your P.E. credit or add to your online or home school curriculums.

SuperSkills: We have evening weekly classes focused on our SuperSkills technical foot skills progressive training program and will offer camps and clinics during WCS school calendar days off.

Finishing Clinics: At special times throughout the year, we will offer our highly sought after "finishing" clinics to properly train your soccer athlete on proper crosses, shooting, and passes close to the goal.

Footie Fit.png
Performance Training

If you are new to SPS or just looking for high performance training Footie Fit is the answer. Private training is available. Contact Footie Fit via their website.

Footie Fit performance training consists of four categories:

  • Injury Prevention: Keeping the athlete injury free is our focus. Working on joint integrity through stability training & more range of motion through mobility training. We consider this one of the most important categories as the overall well being of our athletes always comes first. 

  • Movement/ Power Training: Hone in on how fast an athlete can move linearly & multi directionally while placing an emphasis on plyometric training as well. It is incredibly important to teach the technique of moving so athletes can move more efficiently & be overall faster.


  • Strength Training: Develop more muscle mass which will ultimately assist with the two categories mentioned previously in order to add power, speed, and aid in injury prevention. 


  • Energy System Training (EST): Commonly known as conditioning. What good is speed and power if it doesn’t last the entire match? EST is tuned to help with overall fitness levels. This training is critical not just from an endurance standpoint but for injury prevention as well. 

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