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Southern Premier Soccer has a simple set of goals as a club:

  • Provide a safe and challenging environment for young athletes to deepen their love of Soccer and improve their skill level. 

  • Develop each of our teams in order to compete at their highest level.

  • Knowing that each athlete has been gifted with different abilities, we will provide the opportunity for each individual player to develop into their individual best player possible.  We challenge each athlete to take advantage of that opportunity.

  • Behave in such a way that each member of the SPS family feels a sense of pride of being part of what we are.

  • For those who work hard and are prepared to continue that effort, we will help find opportunities for our athletes to continue to play soccer beyond their travel club years.


       Southern Premier Soccer (SPS) is a championship winning, competitive travel team based in central Tennessee. The SPS philosophy of play is designed to create technically advanced individual players who are proficient in playing possession based soccer. Every team trains and plays within the methodology established by Director of Coaching (DOC) Brent Goulet.  This methodology is based on the learning Coach Brent brings from his time playing on the US Men's National Team, playing and coaching in the Bundesliga, and many years developing young players in the USA.


Coach Brent was the first American to earn the highest coaching license available as instructor in the Bundesliga, the UEFA-Pro license.  He further refined the SPS philosophy as a professional coach of the Nashville Metros. This player development philosophy is carried forward through the coaching tree Coach Brent is organically building within Southern Premier Soccer ensuring every team and every player is learning the same approach to the game. 

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