SPS’s Board hopes you’re taking every measure to protect yourselves and those around you from contracting this novel virus adversely impacting life as we knew it.

Due to the Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA) extending the current suspension of all state sponsored activities through at least March 29th.  There is to be no official SPS sponsored activities until March 29th as the club aligns with TSSA’s guidance to ensure the safety of all players and their families.

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                                       SPS Board

       Southern Premier Soccer (SPS) is a championship winning, competitive travel team based in central Tennessee.  Every team trains and plays within the methodology established by Director of Coaching (DOC) Brent Goulet.  The SPS philosophy of play is designed to create technically advanced individual players who are proficient in playing possession based soccer.  This methodology is based on the learning Coach Brent brings from his time playing on the US National Team, playing and coaching in the Bundesliga. He was the first American to earn the highest coaching badges available as instructor in the Bundesliga.  He further refined the SPS philosophy as a professional coach of the Nashville Metros. This player development philosophy is carried forward through the coaching tree Coach Brent is organically building within Southern Premier Soccer. 

2019/2020 Year

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2018/2019 Year Highlights

 Southern Premier Soccer is proud to announce that our 2018/2019 has been our best yet.

  • The year ended on a high note for the club as our 2005 boys won the TN State Championship in a thrilling 2-1 final victory.      

  • Our 2004 boys completed an undefeated spring by winning their final three tournaments.

  • Our 2002 boys finished 2nd in the TN State Championship.

  • We are also excited that so many of our 2002 boys (sophomores and juniors) made their high school varsity teams this year.  With 7 of our boys competing above their age group, we are proud to see our methodology continue to play-out for our athletes.

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